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Children & Young People

Committed to creating a better future for our youth

OTB Foundation sustains young people through prevention campaigns in schools and through projects that protect their mental health. It also supports organizations that focus on children and young people, such as foster homes and multifunctional centers. Moreover, OTB Foundation carries out multiple childcare initiatives

Kapisa Orphanage

The collaboration with Nove Onlus continues to guarantee young people and children a safe place in Afghanistan.

Of people in Afghanistan lack basic needs

Kids welcomed in Kapisa's Institute

Indirect beneficiaries

Kapisa Orphanage

Prevention in schools

OTB Foundation promotes various programs in schools aimed at preventing bullying, cyberbulling, gender-based violence and addictions.

Students reached in the last 5 years

Prevention programs

Of Italian teenagers aged between 11 and 17 years old have been victims of some sort of bullying or violence

Bye Bully


OTB Foundation supports women victims of violence, providing legal and psychological counselling, as well as work experience opportunities. It promotes women’s empowerment worldwide through initiatives aimed at ensuring equal opportunities. It also carries out training and social reintegration programs for women in need