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Concrete and targeted actions when emergencies arise

OTB Foundation intervenes when an emergency arises, with targeted and concrete actions that meet the urgent needs of the beneficiaries, in Italy and across the world

Covid-19 Emergency

During the pandemic OTB Foundation was among the most active in our country in bringing concrete aid to both medical and paramedical staff in the front line in the fight against the virus, and Covid-19 patients.

Units of PPE distributed

Potential users of the vaccine center inaugurated by OTB Foundation

People provided with essential and non-essential goods

Covid-19 Emergency

Ukraine Emergency

Since the outbreak of the conflict, OTB Foundation has been immediately active in implementing initiatives created specifically for the needs generated by the emergency of the Ukrainian conflict.

People rescued by OTB Foundation

People supported directly

More than a quarter of Ukrainian’s population is displaced

Ukraine Emergency


OTB Foundation protects victims of abuse and people in need, with the goal of ensuring their social reintegration. It also sustains people with migration background and refugee status, helping them in their job search