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OTB Foundation protects victims of abuse and people in need, with the goal of ensuring their social reintegration. It also sustains people with migration background and refugee status, helping them in their job search

Job Clinic Online

Job Clinic Online is a digital platform supported by OTB Foundation. Taking into account refugees and asylum seekers’ needs, the platform connects demand and supply of work and promotes social and economic integration of migrants and foreigners aged between 18 and 45 years old.

Forcibly displaced people worldwide

Curricula uploaded to the platform

The age of the beneficiaries accessing the service

Job Clinic Online

Empori Solidali

OTB Foundation supports a network of multifunctional centers aimed at helping families struggling with the economic crisis, job loss or general impoverishment. The solidarity shops provide a free distribution service of essential goods to the beneficiaries, that are indicated by social welfare agencies; then the beneficiaries are looked after by professionals with the ultimate goal of facilitating their reintegration into society through a multi-level support. OTB Foundation is present all across Italy with this project: from Veneto to Emilia-Romagna, and then to Lazio.

And more of Italian families struggle to make ends meet

Families accessing OTB Foundation’s charity shops in Italy

Direct beneficiaries

Empori Solidali

OTB Foundation

One of the Foundation’s pillars is to assure that all funds raised through our initiatives are reaching the final beneficiaries of the projects we sponsor directly, without any waste